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The US Government has been giving free government grants to US Citizens for over 50 years. Right now billions of dollars are available as part of the Economic Stimulus Package. is the best source for information on federal, state and municipal grants. We can show you how to find free government grants available in your area, how to choose the grant that’s right for you, and how to apply. As a US Citizen, you are entitled to this money!

Free Government Grants are given away to people just like you for a wide variety of Business and Personal Needs each day!

Any US Citizen can

Year to date, as part of the government stimulus packages, over $635 billion has been released in free grant money.

  • Small Business Start Up and Growth – $150 Billion
  • Housing and Home Renovation – $100 Billion
  • Heath Care Cost Recovery – $80 Billion
  • Student Loans and Education Grants – $85 Billion
  • Minority Grants – $55 Billion
  • Women’s Grants – $100 Billion
  • Research Grants – $100 Billion
  • Community and Social Development Grants – $36 Billion
  • Personal and Cash Grants – $90 Billion
  • Grants for Non-Profit organizations – $100 Billion

Apply for as Many as YOU WANT!


The US Government does not regulate how many grants each US Citizen may apply for. Every US Citizen is eligible for more than one grant. You can apply for any Free Government Grant you see as necessary to help you live the most complete, fulfilling lifestyle you deserve.

Government grants should not be confused with loans – government grants require no monthly payment and never have to be paid back. No credit checks, collateral, or co-signers are required to apply for a Free Government Grant. If you have poor credit, past due bills, or even a bankruptcy, you are still eligible to apply for a government grant!

Get Your NOW!

There is no obligation in order for you to claim thousands of dollars in Government Grant Money.

There are over 1,000 Federal Programs, 20,000 State Programs, 28,000 Private Foundations, and over 18,000 Scholarship Programs that the US Government is making available to you right now!

Remember – Government Grants do not need to be paid back!

Any US Citizen can and should Apply for a Government Grant!


YOU have to initiate the process in order to receive Your Free Government Grant.

Get started NOW with a FREE registration to the American Grants Now Network by filling out the form on this page!


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Submitting this form instantly activates your free registration. You will immediately receive access to the vast American Grants Now Information Network. At any time you may choose to revoke your membership by sending an email with your first name, last name, and telephone number to

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